• Pastoral Care

    Pastoral Care Policy
    We believe Pastoral Care is inclusive of the school community members. Students, staff, parents and parish working in partnership for the care and nurturing of all.
    Pastoral Care is love in action, integral to building community, enabling an atmosphere of care to permeate the culture of the school, underpinning the school's policy and curriculum statements, procedures and organisational structures, bringing the School Vision to life.
    To provide an environment that nurtures and cares for all individuals by:-
    Providing open communication and support to all school members so as to assess and cater for their needs.
    Developing children's social skills and general behaviour by using a consistent approach, emphasising positive attitudes.
    Empowering and encouraging children to do their best and acknowledging their achievements.
    Instilling in children a sense of self and God to enable them to become respectful and caring people.
    To develop a culture and climate that prevents workplace harassment and bullying of both students and staff. Positive steps to promote this would be:
    Appointment of a Sexual Harassment Referral Officer (SHRO) so that concerns and complaints can be followed up confidentially and appropriately.
    A safe working environment be established where staff to staff and child/parent concerns can be addressed.
    Classroom Programs implemented to develop strategies in Conflict Resolution, Assertive Training and Child Protection to raise awareness of individual rights and coping strategies.