• School Fees

    Dear Parents,

    After consultation with the Parish Finance Council, the following fee structure has been set down for
    2014. Even though our State Government funding has been capped for the next three years this has
    only caused a slight increase of approximately $15 per term to next year’s fees.

    If our fee structure causes any problems for our existing families, please call the school and make an
    appointment to speak with the Principal.

    2014 School Fees

    One child $315 per term $945 per year

    Two children $552 per term $1655 per year

    Three children $709 per term $2125 per year

    Four children $709 per term $2125 per year

    Facilities and Maintenance Levy $260 yearly per family

    Resource Levy $130 yearly per child

    Numeracy Levy $30 yearly per child

    Technology Levy $60 yearly per child

    Payments for fees can be made by EFTPOS, Direct Debit, BPay, or Centrepay.